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Steam Kings'
Specialty Carpet Cleaning
    Steam Kings provides the best carpet cleaning in the Greater Jackson Area! Our professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians diligently and carefully transform bland dingy carpets into brilliantly clean showcases.  
           Steam Kings' will transform
           your home, facility, and vehicle
              into treasures fit for royalty! 

Steam Kings' Deep Steam Extraction
Carpet Cleaning   Steam Kings' method is a process in which a fine spray of 180 degree water is forces dirt out of the carpet, which is extracted by a vacuum simultaneously. This process also consists of spraying a solution of water and detergent into the carpet, gently scrubbing the soiled area, and recovering the water and dirt with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank.
     This hot water extraction process that Steam Kings uses is the only method that will thoroughly clean out any detergents and soil from your carpet and upholstery at the time it is cleaned. This method will also rids your carpet and upholstery of allergy causing items such as dust mites, smoke, pet dander, germs and bacteria.
Steam Kings' Deodorizer 
     Steam Kings uses state of the art hot steam extractors combined with professional grade odor bacterialcide counteractants which kill odors at the molecular level. This combination cleans odors and leaves that renewed feeling of freshness.  Because the Steam Kings are known for our integrity, we guarantee to clean to your level of satisfaction, even if we have to do it again.
Steam Kings' Advanced Stain Removal
carpet cleaning in process
   The quicker a stain removal treatment is performed the more successful the outcome .Some Stains Require Special Attention. The standard cleaning processes used by Steam Kings are capable of removing the majority of household soiling. But there are some types of stains however that require special attention in addition to standard cleaning which is why we offer Advanced Stain Removal. The exact method used for stain treatment will depend on the type of stain, the type of carpet or upholstery, as well as any self cleaning you’ve already performed on the stain. Specialized stain treatment and removal is a skill that requires specific training and equipment.  Many carpet cleaners do not possess these skills, but Steam Kings' technicians are fully trained in Advanced Stain Removal techniques. Let our professional carpet cleaning technicians rejuvenate your carpet from those unsightly stains.
Steam Kings' Carpet Protector
      Steam Kings carpet protector helps your carpet resist dirt, spills, vacuuming, and everyday wear and tear. It also reduces static electricity. Carpet fibers are naturally resistant to dry soil and water-based stains, but carpet protection helps to improve that resistance. And even though carpet is typically treated with carpet protection when it’s being made, that protection eventually weakens. It’s the inevitable outcome of daily foot traffic, vacuuming, soil and dirt. At
Steam Kings, we recommend applying carpet protector after every cleaning. For homes with kids and pets, there’s no question you need extra carpet protection.
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